Sunday, October 5, 2014

Spring hope is in the Air - The Garden Share Collective for November 2014

The hope of spring is all around me, with bulbs flowering, trees coming into bud and flower, and the empty beds in the vege garden looking inviting for new seeds.

Daffodils have come out in abundance, and I am so pleased with some of the varieties that I bought from the Spechleys Bridge daffodil farm last year.  They are beautiful, with large open faces, and bright colours.

My mother says that daffs which are frilled, like the second one below, aren't daffs at all, but I rather like the look of them.

My tulips have also given a good show, and I have even managed to pick some to bring inside.  They are just beautiful, clear, glossy and bright.

I do have to be patient throughout Spring tho.  We have had a few humungous frosts, and I have already managed to kill off two pumpkin seedlings by not remembering to cover them at night.

 Frost has bitten and frazzled all the little potato seedlings from the potato harvest last year.  This is a good thing.  It will help to clear the ground of invasive potatoes that aren't going to be productive and will allow other things to grow without being smothered by rampant wilding potatoes.

Jobs I have undertaken this month:
1. Sprayed around all the trees in the lawn, to keep the weeds from taking over.
2. Sprayed the vege garden paths for the same reason
3. Weeded the vege beds ready for planting.

Harvesting now:
Leeks, sprouting tips of broccoli and cabbage, asparagus, the first broad beans (yay), lettuces from the glasshouse

Jobs to do this month:
include sowing carrots, sowing peas, planting the potatoes which have all sprouted and are ready to go in the ground as soon as the frosts have calmed down,  cucumber seedlings in the glasshouse, and I need to pot up the self seeded tomatoes.

A tray full of Trilliums waiting to be put out for the summer.

Tulips providing a show outside our bathroom windows.

 This is my November blog post for the Garden Share Collective.  If you click here you can view garden blogs by people all over NZ, Australia and the UK.


  1. The bulbs really make the garden a magical place at this time of year don't they? I look forward to seeing what you plant in the vegetable garden

  2. I love your tulips and daffodils. Adelaide is unfortunately too hot for tulips but they are so very pretty.

    I know what you mean about potatoes. Once you have them in a bed you never seem to completely get rid of them.

  3. Lovely bulb flowers. I struggle with growing tulips. Our spring always goes from chilly to too hot quickly and they don't seem to like that.

  4. Gorgeous tulips! I have managed to grow three so far this year, and there are at least five buds on my double pale pinks so fingers crossed they grow. Adelaide is starting to warm up though so I am not holding my breath :)

  5. You have such beautiful flowers. The daffodils always scream SPRING and the tulips are purely gorgeous. It must be a delight walking in your garden.

  6. Nice flowers. I look forward to seeing if you have kept some of your pumpkins alive and what you are putting in your veggie patch for when the warmer weather come your way.