Friday, April 11, 2014

The reason for the cooking extravaganza - 2 parties

All the breadmaking you might have seen over the past few weeks on my blog or elsewhere has all been in preparation for today and tomorrow.  We are having TWO parties.  
First one is Mark's Mock 40th (he was actually 40 in February) to be held tonight for dinner, and then on Saturday lunchtime we are having Great Grandma's 90th.

Over 30 people are here tonight, with about 4 families staying overnight (GAWD!), and then about 60 for lunch tomorrow (GASP).

The breads I have been baking have mostly been put in the freezer in preparation.
....and it's raining again *sigh*.  The lawn has not been mowed, but the tent is up for visitors to sleep in, don't think we'll be using the BBQ area though...
The ham is defrosting, the buns are ordered, the brownie is done, the breads are baked....

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  1. My cake is cooked... Aaron was asking where the tent was the other day