Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Winter Seedlings ....it's almost time

For what it's worth, round here it's started to feel and look like Autumn.  We have still had some hot days, but the recent rain has greened up the paddock, loosened the soil in the vege garden and brought on a bit of Autum colour in the tree leaves.

Kale seeds, collected from plants gone to seed in summer, are just sprouting in a tray in the laundry.  I have collected peas for planting, and I have broad beans left over from last year which I am hoping will still be viable.

Any time soonish is time to put them in!

Other jobs going on in my garden -

  • I pulled out all raspberry canes that were sprouting everywhere, and cut out all the old canes leaving this year's canes ready for next years fruiting.
  • We pulled out all the corn stalks and fed them to the cows
  • I have harvested more aubergines and madeup and frozen some Bana Ganouj for dips during the winter.
  • I did a big weed session
  • I planted cabbage seedlings that had self sprouted in one part of the garden, and put them into tidy, spaced rows.  They were from a cabbage that went to seed, and those seeds have come up all by themselves.
  • I looked at the leeks that have seeded and wondered if I can plant the sprouted seeds that are in the flowerheads!  not sure on that one
  • I have prayed over my artichokes that Mark moved, and hoped they will be OK for next year
  • I have prepared myself for the big job of tidying, de-runnering, and clearing up the strawberry bed - not done anything yet tho