Monday, March 17, 2014

Rain + Warm Days = Mushrooms

I admit that Mushrooms are not everyone's cup of tea, but I love them.  Fried....on soup....mushroom sauce on steak.....mmmmmmm

Today I set out to my secret mushroom collecting spot and cut these beauties with my little knife.  A whole bucketful.  I have not weighed them, though that would be an interesting exercise. I'll do that in due course.

As for know, I have to set to cleaning the grass off and grading them into 'shrooms to be dried, and 'shrooms to be eaten straight away!

Guess what I am having for dinner :-)


  1. OH MY goodness, so the paddock has mushrooms already? there are none around here

  2. I found another way to preserve them. Slice them up, fry them in butter and freeze in serving size amounts (Glad snack bags work well for this). My husband loves them this way - it takes only a couple of minutes to heat them through and add them to sauce to go with steak, or even without the sauce to go with steak.