Monday, February 4, 2013

Stuffed Pumpkin Flowers

I planted 5 pumpkins in our vegetable garden.  Now, you might think that it does not sound like very many, but holy heckamoley, what a lot of growth one pumpkin plant can produce.

They have grown all over one of the vege beds (luckily masking the fact that our cauliiflowers have been eaten to death by something unknown and will never flourish).  They grew through the fence where the cattle have nibbled on them, and up the fence and I see some pumpkins forming which will be supported by our wire fencing suspended in the air,which is a bit nifty.

Then there is the pumpkin which I didn't plant.  It audaciously appeared in the flower bed.  Obviously transported by some compost of some sort.  It has grown to gigantic proportions, I hope to post a picture soon.

All these produce an amazing amount of flowers.

Pick only male flowers (and then, not all of them, you need some for pollination).  The male flowers have only one stubby stamen inside.

Carefully take inside and shake out any vermin who might have made their homes inside them.

Stuff with: cream cheese, grated cheese, some spring onion or chives and salt and pepper.  Make a simple batter with water, 1 egg and whisk in some flour.  Spoon in some stuffing and twist the top of the flower.  Leave in the fridge for 15 mins or so to set a bit, then dunk in batter and shallow fry.

These were delicious, but why is there a bitter bit at the base? which spoiled the last bite!