Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Cowtastrophe

Oh Dear....Mark's beloved corn has been trashed.  He moved his cows into the field behind the vege garden and lo-and-behold, they got over the fence and into his corn, and ate the whole lot down to ragged stalks!

He was so proud of the corn, it was his pride and joy and he delighted in telling eveyone how his corn was so much better than mine because he planted his from seed, whereas I planted mine as seedlings.  In truth, his was way healthier, bigger and had more cobs on it.  I have to give him that.

But now, devastation....

Good news, the pumpkins are growing little pumpkins everywhere, including hanging from the fence.  Mark has learnt a wee lesson, and there is an electric fence around the pumpkin that has spread out into the fields beyond the garden.  - so the cows won't get in this time.

In other news the artichokes are going to seed, and everything is getting a bit overblown.  We have a new lot of potatoes in which Mark put in and they are now flowering.  I put more beans in with the hope of getting some before autumn.  And our strawberries are still producing great berries for school lunches.