Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Insulating/Double Glazing windows "on the cheap"

I just read this really interesting article (link below) on how to provide a short term double glazing to your windows.  If, like me,you live in one of NZ's older style houses, with single glazed windows this could be the answer to condensing windows, and cold rooms!

Buy a large 1m wide roll of bubble wrap.  The bigger the bubble the better (for seeing out of).  I got mine from OfficeMax, 60 metre long roll for about $40.00.  Just make sure you dont get 30cm wide or something like that, as you want the wrap to be wide enough to fit across your window without joins.

step 1: Cut a piece of bubble wrap the size of your window.
step 2: Spray the window lightly with water, or brush with a wet pastry brush
step 3: Stick the bubble wrap, bubbles towards the window, starting at the top and smoothing with your hand as you go.
step 4: relax !

This is only a temporary solution, but as we are renting, and I dont think I am allowed to use the shrinkwrap stuff which needs double sided tape stuck to the frames, this is probably the best way for us to go.

Only downside is on the windows where you want a clear view of some lovely mountain or garden.  So its ideal for laundries, bathrooms, toilets, hallways etc.