Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jack Frost has arrived with a vengance.  He ran around on the back lawn and left white, stiff grass, and he ran around on the front lawn and left icy drifts.  It's the third day in a row we have had a big one.

Luckily I remembered to cover the lemon trees in their pots, and as my Mother in Law pointed out, it is time I pulled them in under the veranda to save them from the worst of the weather.  It's just I am not good at remember to water them, and they risk drying out.

Somehow the big lemon tree in the garden, which is now covered with small, green lemons awaiting ripening, has survived frosts, snow, and goodness knows how many hailstorms.  It just keeps on flowering, fruiting and being a darling.  Maybe it is a different, more hardy variety, who knows?

I have garlic ready to go in, and some sweet peas, which I am ashamed to say I did not grow from seed myself.