Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sunhats, all ready for summer

Last weekend the weather was so summery, and I gardened in my singlet, catching a bit of sun as I went.  I planted corn, a chilli, an auborgine, and some beans.  Albie also helped me to clear a bit more of the overgrown part, we are almost there!

It got me thinking I should be prepared for summer, and I determined to make a wide brimmed sunhat.

Well...what a palaver!  I googled everywhere, and some had what were obviously very good instructions, but with mathmatics way beyond my ability...take the radius of this, and divide by the square of the circumference of your head, kind of stuff... Eventually I found a Martha Stewart hat which looked good, and proceeded to print of the indecipherable instructions, stick them all together, cut out my hat pieces and got sewing.  BUT! the brim would not fit, I jigged it about and eventually made a complete hash of it and had to put it in the bin.  Here is the link

A phone call to my sister, Karen, helped.  She told me to cut down the brim which I did.  I trimmed 1/4" off the inner edge  before assembling hat number 2.  Success!  yay, finally a new, reversable hat.  Green and pink, light on one side and darker on the other.  Very smart, don't you think?