Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mother Nature is taking over

You can hardly get around the garden today, it is  so overgrown!  Roses are in full bloom everywhere, and seem to have totally overgrown the deck.  There are some lovely old roses, and not so many modern ones.  I promise to take a photo of the more interesting ones, especially the purple one around our driveway which is thornless, and smells heavenly.

These two are in jars inside (Hamish did ask why I don't have any vases!), and they both have their charms.  The paler pink one is just the shade of sweet peas, and the darker purple one has lovely frilled insides!

My mother inlaw has lent me a weedeater and after Matt has been round the lawns tomorrow, I will give it a good weedchomp and see if I can tame some of the mess.

The grape above Matt's room also looks amazing, I sure hope it is prolific with fruit when the time comes.
The grape vine