Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Sunny A&P Show day

Today is the day of Amberley's A&P Show.  I have never entered anything into a show, but I could have put the leeks in for judging if I had thought hard enough about it.  They are ginormous great leeks.

The sun is shining, its about 20C and the whole world feels summery.

All the roses are  starting to think about blossoming, the flag irises are budding, the wildflowers are blooming and my vege garden is growing.

Tomatoes, yes!
Corgettes, yes!
Peas, yes!
Carrots sprouting up from seed, yes!

All over my kitchen window sill (much to the dislike of my sister) I have little pottles of sprouting seeds.  Finally the basil looks like it will survive and actually thrive, the beans that Montana-Rose shelled for me have put up enormous muscly looking tall shoots, and capsicums are coming up too.

It's spring in abundance ;-)