Monday, October 17, 2011

Figs! Inside V Outside

The little fig in a bucket,  given to me for my birthday by my sister, has 4 figs growing on it.  Despite having a few limbs accidentally lopped off during our house move, it has flourished on a window sill

Our previous home, blessed with the ugliest of conservatories you ever saw, sheltered the wee fig tree from the  elements, providing it with an early spring and summer.

What a contrast with the ginormous fig tree which fills a corner of the house garden here at our new home.  It is only just coming out of bud, with doublets of leaves and small marble sized figs forming on the ends of its bare branches.

I have been assured that the figs on the outside tree will not come to fruition.  Apparently it doesn't get hot enough  for long enough to ripen any fruit without putting plastic bags over all the fruit to hasten the process.  We shall see, I am pretty hopeful, why else would previous owners grow it if it didn't produce fruit?

I love figs...try cutting a cross in the top, pulling them open into a star shape, brush with a honey, grill till browned and softened, serve with vanilla icecream and warmed honey with a bit of vanilla in it- devine!