Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Walnuts and a Zundapp Sewing Machine

Just look at this beauty!  a 1950's styled machine, made in Germany by a company who were better known for their motorbikes.  That is real eye candy.  I havent yet put it to use, but I'm hoping it will be sturdy and a good choice for basic quilting.

It is in going order, and actually had rows of sewing in it.  It has its own case, a lovely set of extra feet, some screwdrivers etc and someone even wrote out some instructions on how to load the cotton and bobbin.

I'll let you know how I get on.

As an aside, I have some walnuts now drying......another job to come, that of shelling.  Oh joy!


  1. how much did you pay for the machine?

  2. I have just acquired one of these sewing machines but it is not in good shape but really want to get it going again. I have no instructions or any extras with it so any tips would be useful. It is such a lovely shape.

  3. Just found this as I have recently acquired one of these machines but it is not working well. How did you get on with yours?