Saturday, December 5, 2015

Mr Chaffinch and Update on the Secret Garden

Our Chaffinch
This little guy thinks he owns our property.  He has been Peep-Peeping around our lawn, driveway, veranda and fences for about 2 weeks now.  Every day and all day his cheerful wee peep can be heard chirping away.  He pecks at the dogfood, and their bones, he sits in the trees and he collects bits of straw.

His mate, who is very drab by comparison, has only come down once or twice, so I think they must be making eggs in a nest close to here, perhaps in our hedge.

Fearlessly he struts about on the lawn, just metres from the cat.  The dogs have taken to guarding their bones, by lying beside them, thwarting his foraging efforts sometimes, but not often!

Last night we sat in our lounge, with all the doors open and he spent the whole evening carrying on, it was so funny watching him.  He is a real delight!

Update on the Secret Garden
I have been working hard to make my Secret Garden a sanctuary, and here are some photos showing the results of my efforts.
Still trying to grow that Camomile Lawn
Fountain is looking good

My 84yr old Dad made me a China Pagoda and installed it on Thursday, thanks Dad

Visits by lots of bumblebees

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  1. Loving the look of your beautiful Secret Garden and by the photos lots of bird and beneficial insect attracting plants and flowers. Love your Blog and thanks for sharing.