Tuesday, February 3, 2015

It's a Furnace out there!

Just in case you are not in North Canterbury, you should know that it is so hot, and dry here.  We have been irrigating our vege garden every second day, and the flower garden a few times a week.  Water restrictions are in place, but we are lucky to have water from our roof collection held in big 25000litre tanks on our property.  With a hot spring, dry summer and hot weather, it really has taken it's toll on our garden. 

Today we emptied the last of the rainwater in one last irrigation.

So, now we pray for rain to refill them.

The beans have done a great job, despite looking a bit dry, I have done several harvests, and I see there are more to go.  A half bucket each harvest is so rewarding.  

Our strawberries have been going great guns, with a bumper crop.  We are still picking them, even tho this is the 4th month of harvest.

We have eaten the first bed of Jersey Benne potatoes, and are now starting on our maincrop, which although they look measley, do have a good crop below the surface.

Tip of the Month: do not spray around the base of Raspberry canes while they are dormant, you will ruin their fruiting for the following year.  We have hardly had any, just a few to taste and add to strawberry things.  Looking at their growth this summer, I am anticipating a better yield next year.

Harvesting now: Maincrop Potatoes, Raspberries, Strawberries, Artichokes, Spring Onions, Tomatoes of all kinds, Basil, French Beans, Corgettes, SilverBeet and Boysenberries.

Jobs to do this Month:  Cut up and dispose of the old glasshouse, plant brassicas for winter, continue harvesting

Planting now: I don't have anything planned

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