Sunday, August 31, 2014

All of a sudden - vege planting- Also: There is a Plan

It was a real good-ole-gardening day today.  I cleared out the strawberries, and decided that the stones could go, the plastic is going to stay down in the wind.

Also the teeny tiny onions got a good weeding, they went from looking like a grass patch, to rows of lovely little onions.

Everything had a good water, though I couldnt use our fancy new watering system, as the frost has split open some of the mechanisms and my lovely hubby is going to have to fix them before I can get all the jets up and running again.

The Garlic Patch
I also weeded and watered the garlic, it was amazing to think that a watering regime has started when the weather only just got warmish.

Sweet One Hundreds, pricked out and ready to grow

The glasshouse didn't miss out on a bit of love either, it got weeded, and as I went I identified the little baby tomato plants, and pricked them out and potted them into these two containers.  Hopefully it will be warm enough for them to grow.  In went some lettuces, although with current frosts I am not sure if they will be a go-er

Harvesting now: Spring Onions, random cabbages, Kale, and Leeks.  That's about it, however, the promise of goodies to come is in the air, and within weeks things should get going.

To do this month: It's going to be a big month in the vege patch, there will be lots of planting, lots of weeding, tying up of broadbeans/blackberries, etc.  More things than I can name will be happening.  

I am particularly looking forward to my harvest of asparagus, the first few spears of which appeared in the garden this morning!

BREAKING NEWS! A plan for a "New Garden".  For some time now I have been pondering what to do with some of the large grass area that surrounds our house.  When we first built our house, somehow we ended up with a large 2 acre "home section"/  All our efforts have gone into the large rose and flowering border that we set up around the fenced perimeter.  Then there is the BBQ area.  But the rest has remained grass.  In my mind I thought I wanted a parterre, or paved area with formal planting.  However, we are hampered by spring wind, and although grape covered trellises sound lovely, I can't see them lasting.  But, finally I have a plan!  more on that in my next blog post.

In other news, Lucky Lambkins got an infection and is on 3 legs only, he's lifting one up and hobbling!  he has "Joint-ill" and is on antibiotics - which I have to inject him with once a day! enjoy the pix below of him at 1 day old below.
This is my September post for the Garden Share Collective, you can view all the other bloggers and read about their struggles and achievements in the garden here:


  1. my asparagus is doing nothing. I have composted and watered. Never have had much luck

  2. I have bought some asparagus to plant, first time ever so hopefully I don't manage to kill it! Looking forward to finding out more about your new garden. I do like spring, as you say it holds such promise of things to come, we have a greenhouse this year to us so I'm keen to get things going for that. Hope little lamb comes right x

  3. I have finally got some asparagus crowns to go into the ground. I hope to put them in this month. Though it never seems like I have enough time. Looks like a busy month to come at your place. Nice work with all your weeding efforts too.

  4. I'm checking my asparagus everyday for that wonderful first spear of the spring. I hope your wee lambie is well soon.

  5. You have lots to look forward too; asparagus are so rewarding and everything will grow quickly now we are in Spring. I just googled to see where you are, a lovely part of Qld. I hope your lambikin improves and thrives :D

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment....just note, we are in Amberley, NZ

  6. I'm looking forward to hearing about your future garden plans. It all sounds very exciting.

  7. Ahhhh, asparagus, I dream of that growing in my plot one day. I too weeded my garlic bed which went from looking like a patch of long grass to gorgeous rows of garlic stalks. I hope all the right things are happening underground! Poor, lambkins, hope he's on the mend soon.