Sunday, February 16, 2014

Potato Glut - help and advice please!

The glut has started
These are Jersey Bennes, which are not good keepers.  In fact they are already starting to go a bit rubbery and a couple had shoots on them.  I really need to either make them into something for the freezer/canner/dehydrator, or find a way to store them well.  

All suggestions for receipes, soups, and frozen things would be very welcome as I am stumped!


  1. I put mine in the garden shed in the dark and let them grow sprouts over the winter and use them for next years seed. I also only dig what I need on the day and so all spuds stay in the ground

  2. That works with Maincrop potato varieties, but not with Jersey Bennes. These have been in the ground and are already going soft and some have sprouted. So I have dug them up to stop them spoiling. They are not a keeper variety.