Monday, June 3, 2013

Quilting - A Great Winter Activity

In the summer I get all inspired by my garden, the outdoors and the pretty summer days, but now winter is on its way.  Offically.  In NZ winter is June, July, August.

A friend came for two nights with the intentions of finishing a quilt she has been planning for the past 10 years!  and so out came the machines.

Even my daughter, who is 7yr, got involved and worked away on her quilt at the end of the table.  She is just learning about seams and zig-zag, and it was a real shame when her machine (an oldy) broke down and she had to stop.

Lynda actually got to put on her binding and what an achievement!  (that is my Albie (5yr) there helping her take pins out).

I managed to finish my quilt this weekend, and here it is in all its glory finally.