Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I asked for a Chainsaw, and got way more

We have had a large pile of cut branches from when our macrocarpa hedging was trimmed, and I have been eyeing it up for firewood.  Hubby has been insistent that he wants to do a "big burn" which seems such a waste of good wood to me!  so...I went to the equipment shop (very daunting, male dominated environment there!) and enquired about the smallest chainsaw you can get.

Then I tentatively asked hubby if I could buy a chainsaw.  You have never seen such love and devotion, "of course, honey" was his immediate answer.  Here was I thinking that we already had a chainsaw (a huge monstrous thing you need arms like gorillas to wield), and I would be refused outright.  But, apparently a chainsaw is something you can ask your man for without any problem.  Now, a new sewing machine would be a different matter....

Herewith I started chopping up the small logs.  There is a heap of wood there, and I am a happy camper.

Meanwhile, since I am in his good books, he built me a herb garden.  YAY. It has been filled, and planted out with a few beginners...


  1. Yay. Go on, try for a new sewing machine!! ;)

    1. Considering she has about four already, I don't think that is a goer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!