Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ranunculus from my Mother

When I was a little girl I was given a small piece of garden, it was sunny, but against a hedge and overshadowed by boundary trees.  I only ever grew two things, voilets and ranunculus.   The voilets were given to me as a cutting, by someone, I think my Nana- but I am not sure.  They flowered and flourished and filled up the whole garden bed and I loved the smell of them.  I used to pick bunches and put them in a glass in my room.

The ranunculus are so blousey, and overthetop, and out there, and they came up and flowered with abandon once a year.

My Mother recently gave me some while we were in Cromwell and I planted them but nothing came up, whether the chooks scratched them up, or it was too cold, I don't know.

Well, she gave me another lot, and by golly, I have them coming up!  I counted 7.  But....shouldn't they come up in Spring not Winter?

I hope to have a lovely display of them in the spring and can't wait to see what colours I have got.