Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Dilemma

So, we have moved to Amberley. All packed, all transported, mostly unpacked, well....almost mostly unpacked.   My garden is in the unknown hands of our well meaning tenants.  I have left the raspberries to their fate, and the boysenberry.  Please let them be kind to the roses, and tend to the compost, and remember to water the veges.

Amberley.  What is there here.  A large piece of lawn, and overgrown, grassed over flower garden and half a path.  I say "half a path" because when we first moved in there was no path, but a few paving stones visible at the back door, the rest was grass.  Or appeared to be grass.  A few slides of the shovel and more paving stones revealed themselves, then more, and then a whole half a path and a halfround of patio.  Like the Lost Gardens of Heligan, a path almost brought back to life.  I just need to spend a little more time.

The only other thing of any note is a large Grapefruit tree covered in glorious ripe grapefruits.  A small blessing amid such inauspicious beginnings.

First there was a school "fair" at Montana-Rose's school.  Tomato plants for $4.  I put in 6....Then I bought some of that basil "planted and ready to eat" which has been nurtured under lights and has only put it's roots down into hydroponic waters.    I stood fast and divided them up, and planted them into *gasp*, soil!  Their tops droop, and their insipid foliage looks very unhappy exposed to the elements.  But.....wait....I'll keep you updated.