Monday, November 22, 2010

Beans on Toast - a la Anna

Pick your broad beans on a sunny morning, in your PJ's, before anyone has even got out of bed.  Shell them in the quiet of the kitchen while enjoying a coffee.  Pop the shelled beans in the fridge for later, and get on with the morning rush.

At lunchtime, take out the beans.  Put 1T of butter in a frying pan and heat up gently, add the broadbeans and 1 clove of crushed garlic.  Stand their gazing out the window and idly stirring the beans till they are almost cooked (about 3 or 4 mins), add 1T freshly picked thyme (the Central Otago kind, of course), and a grind of salt.  Let fry for about 2 mins more.  Stir in 2T cream cheese and swirl about till it breaks down to a slurry.  Pour over your toast of choice, in this case, I just put on fresh cheese topped bun.