Sunday, September 12, 2010

Not so much happening

I just don't seem to have a lot of time at the moment, and the garden is raring to go.  The weather is settled, warm and wet.  It's perfect planting weather.  Who knows if there are frosts to come, I shouldn't rule it out, as we have had massive snowstorms before at this time of year, but I have been lulled into a lovely sense of security.

Yes, the garlic is in, so that was one job well done.  I have also dug in some of the pea-straw that was overwintering on the beds.  But only on a few of the gardens.  The rest make me feel guilty every time I look out the window, as they do need my attention.

We have moved some roses, and cleared out a bit of space where the tomatoes will go.  The remainder of the work may have to wait a few weeks.  It's hard to get motivated when there is so much else to do, washing for 5 kids, cleaning for 5 kids, picking up after 5 kids, and more.

The raspberries are coming out in green leaf, the willows I did actually do some work on a few weeks ago and pruned off lower branches.  They are now that beautiful fresh green.

Gordon Bennett, some time soon I will have to plant potatoes...