Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's been a real mixed bag

Not only the weather!

First it was cold, freezing fog, frosts, snow and miserable.  Now we are having a week of "Psuedo Spring", it's warm during the day, (well if 10C is warm), and it feels kinda balmy.  The garden is in a false sense of security, the buds are out on the roses, and even the artichokes havent died off completely.

I pruned the grapes out the front, which involved a bit of wishful thinking.  When we "rescued" them, they had had their main arms cut off, so I am having to imagine which of the shoots sent up last year will become a permanent branch.  Anyway, I did my best...

The roses also had a look in.  I have pruned 2 of them, the 2 that are going to be moved.

Garlic has shoots up, and the onions (despite their teeny tiny size) have not died!  which has to be good...

Things have been pretty busy here, which is why I havent posted much.  We said a very sad goodbye to Luan, who went back to Brazil (with dreams of NZ still in his head) and said KiaOra to Majan from Germany.

Also, Mark is now working away during the week, leaving me with 5 kids to look after, as well as working about 25hrs per week!  jeepers, I am stuffed by the end of the week!

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