Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More RAIN at last

So, it has rained for the past 2 days and nights.  Torrential, heavy, wet and noisy.  It's been great.  The farmers are all talking about "drought-breaking rain", but all I can think of is that it might give us one last sprouting of mushrooms!

There is fungi of all sorts everywhere, and I wish I could identify more of it.  There were some shaggy ink caps hanging round the Swimcentre sign, looking very bedraggled.  And the silver birches all have the same kind of fungi growing round them, they look at bit like  field mushroom but with a dent in the centre of the cap, and a nasty poisonious looking white gill underneath.  I see others have been frustrated and turned them all over looking to see what they are too...or just kicking them over to get rid of them.

I did pick some lovely big horse mushrooms today!